'I-phone orphans': Please may I have your attention?

'I-phone orphans': Please may I have your attention?
  As concerned adults, whether as parents, grandparents, therapists or teachers, we often worry about how much time children and young people spend...

Hard science about soft pastels! And slowing down...

In this recent post by American art therapist Cathy Malchiodi, we learn that there is some evidence to suggest that certain art materials can produce specific beneficial effects - something art therapists have believed for a long time, but we have not been able to scientifically 'prove' it until now.

What is 'Emotion Coaching'?


In which we suggest a way of talking to children about their big, overwhelming emotions, like rage or sadness, when they are hard to console or reason with.

Felt emojis

Most of us are all familiar with using emojis when sending messages by text. Its a great idea which I like to adapt when working with children...

Drawing Zentangles®

Zentangle® example


What is a Zentangle®? Combining the word Zen+Tangle, Zentangles are a form of structured doodling with a purpose - relaxation.

How does art therapy work?

How does art therapy work?
There are lots of ideas and theories about how art therapy (and other expressive therapies, such as music or drama therapy) work, and it is likely ...