So, What's Next? Creating a New Normal

So, What's Next? Creating a New Normal
The two 'Courage dolls' in the photo were created by Claire, but designed by Hilary Jean Tapper. This is a link to Hilary's website.

    Since I last posted in April, most of us are gratefully acknowledging that Australia has done well in minimising harm from the coronavirus pandemic, compared to many other countries. But as we slowly emerge from our social isolation, and still try to maintain physical distancing, we should be very aware that returning to 'normal life' is going to take a long time.

    I am struck by many paradoxes - this is indeed 'the worst of times' for some people, especially those who have lost loved ones, but others have found silver linings, such as less commuting, and spending more times with their families.

    Some things about social isolation, like working from home, and socialising less, have suited some people, whilst other people have really struggled. I think its true to say we have all had different reactions, and experienced a wide range of emotions, (sometimes daily) including anxiety, sadness, loss, frustration, calmness and even joy. In coping with restrictions, it may be helpful to try to appreciate what we have, and not focus on what we are unable to do. A life skill for all occasions, not just in relation to Covid19. 

    Music festivals, theatre visits, and overseas holidays may not happen for quite a while, but we can currently travel within our state, and see family and friends again.  I have appreciated being able to sew a bit more than usual, and to access yoga on youtube. Zoom sessions have been a useful alternative to face to face sessions. Walk and talk therapy has been another welcome addition to other therapy options, with the added bonus of being outside and offscreen. However,  I am very pleased to report I am now seeing people face to face again, albeit in a different venue. 

    Yes, we have moved! Our room in Moorooka is no longer available, but I have moved to a great new alternative space in West End, at Next Level Health, 368 Montague Road. I now share my practice with acupuncture, osteopathy, muscular skeletal therapy and massage. I have a large, quiet, back-facing room on the ground floor, which is accessible and well-ventilated.  There is a small car park outside the front of the building. There is a map on the contact page, and online bookings are enabled for the new venue. 


    Next Level Health, 368 Montague Road, West End